both caroline and elena's entire families…

both caroline and elena's entire families died so idt they treat caroline and elena any better than bonnie? also – bonnie was a freaking badass who always saved the day.

Idk if I got correctly what the other anon was trying to say when they asked about the writers being racists, but I thought it wasn’t about how much the characters have suffered in terms of loss but how they character was treated and the storylines Bonnie had.

I mean if we think about s3-4 in particular I think Bonnie was sidelined as a character. Among the girls, Elena and Caroline were more developed and had more a central role.

Bonnie was definitely a badass and was able to save the day, but I understand when people complain about the fact that she was mistreated as a character. I repeat not simply on how much she suffered or on how much she lost (because all these characters have lost so much), but really in terms of the writing.

As it happened to other characters over the seasons. I understand when fans say that Tyler was mistreated as a character or that after s4 Jeremy didn’t really have a storyline.

We could discuss probably for days about it because certainly everyone is unhappy about something and the majority of the complaints are more than understandable.