do you think TVD writers are racist? because o…

do you think TVD writers are racist? because of how bad they treat bonnie’s character in comparison to elena, caroline, etc.

I don’t like to presume things of people I don’t know.

What I think it’s more likely is that they underestimate the character and the fact there’s no enough representation of POC.

They didn’t think about it, I don’t think the majority of people is truly conscious of all the problems that concerns representation.

And another thing is that I think they really didn’t have much ideas for her character. They were more concerned on developing the characters that were most loved by the fans.

But I think around s6-7-8 they became more conscious of the true potential of the character.

This is just my opinion. It’s definitely up for debate. But I think it was really more a fact of “superficial view” and “lack of ideas for storylines”.