Do you think it's possible Caroline will …

Do you think it's possible Caroline will drink the cure from Damon when he's of old age? All her friends and family will probably be dead by then so I'm not sure if she would like to live without them all 😭

Hey! Sorry for the late answer! Just in case someone hasn’t seen The Originals I’ll put a spoiler warning.


We now know the cure will go to Rebekah once Damon dies.

Even if it’s sad that Caroline will lose everyone at some point, it’s also true that Lizzie and Josie will have children (probably), Caroline has also a school to run. I mean, she’s a vampire with a lot of possibilities in her future.

Maybe someday she will grow tired of immortality, and decide to take the cure.

But I think despite the pain, she still has many opportunities as a vampire that she could take advantage of.