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sarcasticsmilerrandomness: I’ve sat on my leg too long and now I’ve got pins and needles and oh…


I’ve sat on my leg too long and now I’ve got pins and needles and oh gods I hate pins and needles, I’m sitting here wiggling my leg like a maniac trying to get the blood flowing properly again. 

But it’s made me think….though I should probably point out anatomy and just in general how the body works is not my strong suit.

Preternatural or supernatural beings, do they get pins and needles? I mean they all have working nerve endings and blood…technically.

Vampires, for instance, are so often described as flushed and warm after drinking blood, but if their cells are absorbing it then wouldn’t they technically get pins and needles? Because they were originally hindering the flow of blood by not having any, and they’ve still got working nerves so the rush of blood should cause pins and needles, right?

Can you imagine a vampire drinking after a long abstinence, their sigh of relief when they feel the hot blood warm their body….then it begins. First in their fingertips, toes, and the tips of their nose and ears, and gradually it creeps through their entire body as their dormant cells come to life to absorb the blood. Nerve endings sparking randomly.

Imagine this dark creature of the night, sharp fangs bared, hissing out with copper tinged breath, “Fuck! Fucking pins and needles! I hate them so much!”

Imagine them flailing about, frantically rubbing at arms and legs to get the blood flowing properly. Once it finally stops, and they’re left panting, with that heavy warm feeling spreading through, they realise a human is standing there, staring at them wide eyed, mouth dropped open in an aborted attempt at a scream.

“Not a fucking word,” the vampire would grumble before running off into the night, their murderous image completely ruined by fucking pins and needles.